Fortescue Helicoptors Capability Statement

Fortescue Helicopters are the leading provider of helicopter services in the Pilbara. Based in Newman, operating from Sandfire in the Northern Pilbara all the way to the Nullarbor in the south of the state of Western Australia, with remote contracts in SA, NT and QLD. 

Fortescue Helicopters are the Pilbara’s only locally owned and operated Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved company who can conduct Mustering, Aerial Work and Charter.  We have proudly grown over the last six years from having three R22’s in 2014 to now operating nine R22’s and three R44’s and one R66 TURBINE Robinson Helicopter.  

In addition to our CASA approval, FH is a passenger carrying charter approved operator under the Flight Safety Foundation standards and proudly provide services to Rio Tinto, Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development WA, BHP Billiton Ltd, Fortescue Mining Group (FMG), Glencore, Hancock Prospecting, and Jumbuck Pastoral among numerous other large and small corporate and private customers.


To provide the safest and highest quality of aerial mustering and helicopter services to pastoral, mining and tourism industries.

  • Safety, for our pilots and clients is our number one priority 
  • We believe safety is a company culture, not just a practice.
  • We have above industry and regulatory standard procedures outlined in our CASA approved operations manual to ensure industry best practice operations no matter what task is at hand
  • Quality; To ensure we deliver the best service possible with the best possible outcomes for people, animals and businesses we interact with    
  • Teamwork; keeping communication lines open between all team members with a strong social and just culture policy to ensure all our team members can contribute to the business and each other.   
  • Sustainability; To ensure that any growth and profitability of the business isn’t at the compromise of the safety and/or quality of services provided.
  • Profitability and Accountability; ensuring we work as team with our board to ensure we meet or exceed any financial KPI’s set. 
  • To contribute to the future development of the industry’s served, including participation in research and development projects.
  • Knowledge, to learn more about what we do to be more effective in our client’s businesses


For Management and Staff to treat our and each customers livestock and business interests as if they were our own and they were paying for Fortescue’s services themselves

  • To continue to build on the strong business and personal relationships the company holds with clientele, ensuring open communication to work together on how the company can assist clients.
  • Respect – by treating each animal and each job with the highest regard for both human and livestock safety. 
  • Professionalism – during and after work hours.
  • Accountability – by adhering to strict financial controls
  • Communication – Follow-up with the clients upon completion of jobs
  • By having a team environment where all members work together in-line with the company’s core values and strive to deliver on the mission statement each day

Fortescue Helicopters

Proudly established in 2014 incorporating the purchase of two existing West Australian helicopter businesses, Fortescue Helicopters is owned in a partnership and operated by our CEO, Weldon Percy. Weldon has spent over 15 years flying helicopter and fixed wing aircraft in Northern Australia and has a lifetime of experience in the cattle industry. Whilst FMG is an important client of ours, we wish to make clear and transparent for all of our trading partners that Fortescue Helicopters is not affiliated, associated or connected with Fortescue Metals Group Ltd or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. We proudly share our business name which comes from a key landmark throughout our local landscape the Fortescue River.