Mining Support

The team at Fortescue Helicopters have a large range of aerial work capabilities and experience supporting mining operations.

We are also the only CASA approved charter operator based in the Pilbara region (refer to our charter page)

The company holds operational approval for:

  • Aerial Photography & Filming
  • Spotting of Fire, Flood, Flora & Fauna
  • Environmental Studies
  • Sampling & Surveying
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Property Survey
  • Feral Animal Control
  • Frost Protection
  • Sling Load Operations

We specialise in and have extensive experience with sling loads and precision aerial lifting including drill rig construction and transport.

Utilising the cost effective R44 aircraft for the majority of this work, we have held several contracts to support in-field drilling programs in remote and isolated areas.  The cost efficiency we have been able to provide to our respective clients projects has gone a long way to ensuring the sustainability of their exploration programs.

We are able to supply larger aircraft for heavier lifting on request.

Tenement pegging, sample collecting and General site survey also make up a part of our day to day work.

With bases across our region no job is too big or small and we welcome all enquiries.

Fortescue Helicopters

Proudly established in 2014 incorporating the purchase of two existing West Australian helicopter businesses, Fortescue Helicopters is owned in a partnership and operated by our CEO, Weldon Percy. Weldon has spent over 15 years flying helicopter and fixed wing aircraft in Northern Australia and has a lifetime of experience in the cattle industry. Whilst FMG is an important client of ours, we wish to make clear and transparent for all of our trading partners that Fortescue Helicopters is not affiliated, associated or connected with Fortescue Metals Group Ltd or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. We proudly share our business name which comes from a key landmark throughout our local landscape the Fortescue River.