Conservation and Wildlife

Conservation and Wildlife including feral animals, surveys, telemetry tracking and shooting is an area in which Fortescue specialises in. We frequently support government and private funded programs across a range of locations and animal species. We are the preferred supplier of helicopter services for the Department Primary Industry’s and Regional Development of Western Australia for our region.

Here at Fortescue we have a very strict set of policies and procedures to ensure animal welfare is the number one priority and that this commitment is taken very seriously by our pilots and any other team members involved with all operations.

We prides ourselves on having a strong depth of local knowledge and ability to understand animal behaviour, as these are things we are very passionate about, and enjoy immensely.

We have had experience working with camels, donkeys, horses, pigs, goats, coastal wildlife, birds, wild dogs, bilbys, kangaroos and many other interesting species, which gives a broad range of knowledge to draw from no matter what we may be asked to help with next.

Fortescue Helicopters

Proudly established in 2014 incorporating the purchase of two existing West Australian helicopter businesses, Fortescue Helicopters is owned in a partnership and operated by Chief Pilot, Weldon Percy. Weldon has spent over 10 years flying helicopter and fixed wing aircraft and has a lifetime of experience in the cattle industry.